MaxxKonnect Wireless Maxx Konnect Connect
Prioritized, High Speed LTE Internet Service Designed For Broadcast Applications

Service available on the top three major US networks!

AT&T ATT Wireless
T Mobile T-Mobile Sprint
Verizon Wireless

Want to make sure your remote broadcasts work in a crowd?  MKW’s higher priority on the carrier networks lets you cut through the bandwidth congestion that happens at concerts, sporting events and large gatherings.

Need reliable internet access at your transmitter site, with a static IP address?  We’ve got you covered!  Every MKW SIM and router includes a true public static IP address that can be used to access remote controls, stream codec audio and monitor transmission equipment directly without the need for a dynamic DNS provider.  It also allows for easy creation of VPN tunnels between sites.

Want to close all those open ports in your firewall, or ditch that extra studio DSL or cable modem that’s only used for remote codecs?  With MKW’s static IP, you can whitelist that address in your studio router.  That makes your ports invisible to hackers and bots and guarantees your codecs will be ready when you try to connect!

We offer our own robust line of routers, or we can provide SIMs to work in customer provided equipment!  Plus, you own the equipment – no monthly equipment rental charges!

Created by Broadcast Engineers, the MaxxKonnect team knows the needs of broadcasters and works hard to help our customers accomplish their connectivity goals.  From remote mountain top sites, to crowded downtown venues, MaxxKonnect Wireless keeps connected!

Higher Priority and higher QOS with the carriers give you connectivity in heavily congested environments such as sports stadiums, downtown areas and major events.

Higher Priority and private APNs with the carriers ensure higher reliability for your site monitoring and audio delivery needs.

Data is pooled on same-tier data plans to create an aggregate data cap which helps avoid overage charges.

MaxxKonnect Wireless RUT950 RouterStatic IP addresses are provided with EVERY access point at no extra charge!

No contracts—cancel anytime with 30 days notice.  No early termination fees!

Enterprise-class service.  No port blocking!

We can provide a router, modem or just a SIM – whatever you need!.​

​You can buy our hardware, or provide your own!

We can open any ports to accommodate your needs!

We can provide external antennas – omni or directional – to get connectivity even at remote sites!

MaxxKonnect DiagramMaxxKonnect Wireless can provide peace of mind at your transmitter site with our MaxxKonnect LTE router’s built-in failover capability. Simply connect all your devices to an ethernet switch, then hook up your main ISP to the WAN port of the MaxxKonnect router, and you are good to go!  Should your main ISP fail, the MK router will automatically fail-over to our prioritized LTE service and keep you connected!

MaxxKonnect is an essential part of our infrastructure. They deliver a secure cellular data connection that is primarily used for remote broadcasts and backup to our STL’s. Paired with variety of CODECs, MK’s deliver a reliable, prioritized data connection even in extremely congested venues and events.


John Soller
Vice President of Engineering
Radio One, Inc.

MaxxKonnect MaxxPhoneCan’t get a POTS line at your site anymore?  Or, is the price just astronomically high?

MaxxPhone is the answer! Tested and configured to work with all dialup remote controls including Burk, Gentner, Broadcast Tools, Circuitwerkes, Audemat and even Sine Systems! MaxxPhone works where other VoIP solutions don’t – just plug MaxxPhone into your network, connect your phone or device, and you have wired telephone service anywhere there’s an internet connection.  Works with any internet connection.  No configuration required!  Local numbers available.  Low monthly cost and no long term contracts!

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