MaxxKonnect U.192 U192 Stereotool MPX Sound Card

MaxxKonnect Broadcast U.192 MPX USB Soundcard

The Perfect Tool For Stereo Tool

The first purpose-built broadcast-quality USB sound card with native MPX output.

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The MaxxKonnect Broadcast U.192 is the world’s first USB audio interface designed specifically for software-based radio processors such as Stereo Tool. We’ve eliminated the hassle of trying to find and configure computer sound cards to deliver the performance needed to drive the transmission chain.

Selected features:

  • Stereo Analog Inputs and Outputs on StudioHub+ RJ45 connector. Capable of levels up to +24dBu. High performance ADC and DAC deliver over 112dB of dynamic range.
  • Digital AES/EBU inputs and outputs on StudioHub+ RJ45 connectors. Transformer isolated. Input can accommodate sample rates from 32kHz-192kHz. Output is fixed at 192kHz.
  • Analog MPX (composite) output on BNC connectors.
  • Supports digital MPX Composite Baseband Over AES.
  • Front panel switch selects analog or digital input. Another front panel switch chooses stereo analog or MPX output.
  • Front panel signal LEDs so you can see at a glance that the outputs are active.
  • Built-in AC-DC power supply (no wall wart). Powder-coated steel enclosure. Broadcast-grade design for 24/7 operation.
  • Connects to your host PC using standard USB cable.

Some of the benefits of U.192 over other “sound cards”:

No Guesswork

Unlike other sound cards, the U.192 is purpose-built for software audio processing. Other sound cards may or may not be able to deliver MPX signals. It can be trial and error to find a card that works and even then, it might require an amplifier after the output to get the signal level right.  The U.192 allows input and output on the same card, which no other USB card can offer.


Stereo Tool is a world-class broadcast processing suite deserving of a real broadcast-grade audio interface. Why kluge together a sound card that might work when you can get THE box that was built from the ground up just for this application. With 24/7 reliability, guaranteed RFI immunity, generous design margins and premium components, the U.192 means business – because your airchain deserves it.


Stereo analog, Digital, Analog MPX, Digital MPX. You choose how you want to feed your processor and how you want your processor to feed the rest of the air chain. We give you all the connection choices you need.


The U.192 is a collaboration between MaxxKonnect and Angry Audio, two of the broadcast industry’s most recognized brands. You know it’s going to work. And you know you will always get the expert support you need.

MaxxKonnect U192 U.192 Front
MaxxKonnect U192 Rear

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