STXtreme Thimeo Audio Processor StereoTool

Thimeo StereoTool STXtreme Advanced Audio Processor

MaxxKonnect Is The Exclusive North American distributor for Thimeo STXtreme

If you’re looking for the combination of an easy-to-use hardware processor and the well-known power and audio quality of Stereo Tool, look no further! STXtreme gives you BOTH!

STXtreme is a new FM, AM, HD and/or streaming audio processor from Thimeo Audio Technology. This advanced audio processing appliance offers all the well-known features of Thimeo’s software audio processor – Stereo Tool.

Highlighted features include:

Delossifier which repairs and removes audible MPEG artifacts and restores missing high frequency audio spectrum.

Declipper repairs and restores clipped audio and helps make your MP3s sound near WAV quality!

Advanced Composite Clipper, by Hans Van Zutphen, optimizes the signal for maximum loudness, dynamics, and clarity. This helps improve listener reception in fringe and multipath areas.  This feature, touted by many as “best in the industry,” has been licensed to and included in other popular broadcast processors.

AutoEQ automatically pre-equalizes the incoming audio before the AGC stage, which creates a superiorly consistent sound on your station.

Natural Dynamics is a powerful and unique feature that enhances percussion elements to create a more audibly appealing sound.

Fully Customizable Processing Bands that allow the user to choose both the number of bands (up to 9) and the band frequencies.

Integrated MicroMPX Encoder which lets the user send full composite audio via IP to multiple decoders at bitrates as low as 176kbps.

Full featured RDS Encoder which is capable of the standard PS & RT, as well as RadioText+.  This encoder is UECP and ASCII over IP capable, and fully remote controllable.

Touch-friendly HTML5 user interface that allows full access to every element of the processing suite and can be easily used from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

STXtreme firmware and hardware are meticulously tuned to each other to achieve maximum audio quality and minimal latency. The monitoring output can run at a latency below 5 ms.

STXtreme can output composite MPX through analog and digital connectors or stream it over an IP link using MicroMPX on low bandwidth connections without loss of quality.

Here are some of the benefits of STXtreme over Stereo Tool:

Plug and play.
Nothing to configure, just connect the power and input/output audio, and you’re ready to go.

Proven hardware with proven stability.

Perfectly tuned hardware, minimal latency.
The STXtreme firmware and hardware are meticulously tuned to each other, so no need to worry about sound card settings/CPU usage/synchronization etc. This also minimizes FM output latencies to, depending on settings, between 5 and 100 ms.

Protection against firmware (and some hardware) issues built into the hardware.
The hardware itself keeps track of whether the processing is running properly. If any problems are detected it will – independently from the software – trigger a reboot of the system.

Specially designed audio interface.
The audio interface can play both analog or digital 176.4/192 kHz FM output and 44.1/48 kHz digital HD output simultaneously to allow for perfect FM/HD synchronization.

A myriad of analog and digital inputs and outputs.
Whatever you need will be there. Future updates will add patch points for watermarking, external processing, processing multiple signals etc.

Very fast boot times
The system starts in about 21 seconds, and firmware updates take the same amount of time.

STXtreme Thimeo Audio Processor StereoTool
STXtreme Thimeo Audio Processor StereoTool

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