MaxxKonnect U.192 U192 Stereotool MPX Sound Card

MaxxKonnect U.192 U192 Stereotool MPX Sound CardThe first ever purpose built USB audio card with composite outputs

The MaxxKonnect Group has partnered with Angry Audio to create the world’s first broadcast grade USB MPX audio card.

The MaxxKonnect Broadcast U.192 is the first purpose-built USB audio interface specifically designed for broadcast audio processing software, such as Stereo Tool.  The groundbreaking U.192 features stereo analog inputs and outputs on StudioHub+ RJ45 connectors and is capable of levels up to +24dBu.  It sports high performance ADCs and DACs which can deliver over 112dB of dynamic range.  Digital AES/EBU inputs and outputs are also on StudioHub+ RJ45 connectors.  Inputs and outputs are transformer isolated for RF immunity and isolation.  The digital input can accommodate sample rates from 32kHz-192kHz, while the output is fixed at 192kHz to deliver pristine analog composite MPX on BNC connectors, or digital MPX composite baseband over AES.

MaxxKonnect Group President Josh Bohn states, “This is the most elegant and professional way to get audio, analog or digital, into and out of your favorite software FM processor – such as StereoTool.  Unlike the consumer grade 192k cards, input and output can be accomplished on the same device without Windows device errors or USB conflicts or confusion.  Also, with hardware-based sample rate conversion, U.192 will accommodate AES/EBU sample rates from 32kHz to 192kHz.  Plus, it’ll do analog composite or Digital MPX and has analog or digital inputs – which are switchable from the front panel.  We also added audio presence indicators to the front panel, which monitor the outputs, because it makes troubleshooting easier if you can see that audio is actually there.”

Bohn continued “After working with Hans van Zutphen from our partners at Thimeo, we figured out that no one was making a broadcast quality USB card that would do MPX, I reached out to Angry Audio’s Michael “Catfish” Dosch and realized there was a significant need in the marketplace.” Bohn adds, “There are a few other products out there that require extra adapters or are unable to use the same card for input and output. We have solved those problems building something customized specifically for the needs of broadcasters.”

“When Josh called with his idea, I jumped at the chance to design this,” said Dosch, founder of Angry Audio. “About the only thing I didn’t like about it was that I didn’t think of it first!” Dosch added, “The U.192 will make Stereo Tool and other software processors easier to deploy and use in real radio stations.”

MaxxKonnect Director of Brand Development Chris Roth adds, “The U.192 is truly what YOU need!  It is the perfect companion for Stereo Tool. Audio in, composite audio out.  It’s that simple.  Nothing extra to generate a stereo pilot or RDS.  Combining the U.192 with Stereo Tool gives you the loudest and cleanest audio for your station at a fraction of the cost.”

The MaxxKonnect Broadcast U.192 is available in the US from The MaxxKonnect Group for a list price of $895.  Angry Audio will handle international distribution. It will be available for purchase from most broadcaster equipment dealers with shipping expected to begin by early September.  Pre-orders will be accepted beginning in August.

For more information on the MaxxKonnect Broadcast U.192 USB-MPX audio interface visit  or contact The MaxxKonnect Group at (205)598-1200 or